Agnieszka Kloch, PhD

PI (or so they say)

My research interests are incessantly evolving, nonetheless, I keep attached to the evolutionary and ecological role of pathogens and the application of molecular methods in ecology.

Outside science, I like cats of any size, I befriend crows, and I enjoy biking. I used to do martial arts.

Victoria Iretoluwani Ayansola

PhD student

Victoria is interested in ecology, conservation, genetics, and diseases in wildlife. Her PhD projects involves monitoring of pathogens in synanthropic rodents using metabarcoding.

Abosede Eniola Olarewaju

PhD student

Abosede is interested in wildlife conservation. Her thesis focuses on the genetic variance of rodent parasites and their nematodes over a large geographic scale.

Ania Smolińska

PhD student

Ania loves flying mammals. For her MSc, she studied sugar gliders, and now she uses metabarcoding for the detection of pathogens in synanthropic bats.

Michał Adamowicz

PhD Student

Michał is a devoted ornithologist. His research interest focuses on the conservation of the endangered black grouse (Lyrurus tetrix). In his PhD, he aims to identify threats to the grouse population in the Tatra mountains.


Joanna Sawicka

MSc student

Asia studied MHC-dependent mate choice in gray wolf. Now she moved to Mathematics faculty.

Aleksander Wymazał

MSc student

Olek worked on molecular detection of blood pathogens infecting wolves.