If you look for a PhD position

Please note, that there are no open positions in our lab this year.

As I get quite a lot of requests, below I summarized some suggestions which may be helpful for you.

1. In Poland, you apply to a PhD programme through a doctoral school. Direct contact with a prospective PI is encouraged, but you need to pass the School exams to be admitted to a PhD programme. Check for the deadlines and eligibility.

2. Life science is costly. If a lab does not advertise a PhD position, usually there are no funds to support a PhD project, and you will be rejected no matter how good is your CV. On the other hands, PI with open positions advertise their positions wherever possible. You may check the open positions here:

3. Tailor your CV and explain, how your expertise and interest match the scope of a lab you are applying to. With a general CV or a CV irrelevant to the topics studied by the PI you likely won’t get a response. Please mind that our lab is focused on ecology and evolution, not human health nor microbiology.